Work on Digital Projects for couple of years and you discover amazing methods and techniques.

ServiceJam is one of them, it’s also called Hackathon in Software Development or Startup Weekends. Two days are simply structured around a common purpose. These events   innovate solutions by “Doing, not Talking.” Purpose is simply understood without need for deep rational analysis.  You have to try it to really connect with the concept.

Another is the Scrum framework which manages by time constraints for self-organized people progressing together on a shared purpose. The main lesson that you can learn from Scrum is the power of teamwork in a hyper productivity manner.

And, Lean Startup brought interesting Digital aspects to the forefront : Minimal Valuable Product and Build-Measure-Learn amplifying the aim to test an idea before start.

Old habits poison the best intentions. Service Design replaces time consuming Scope Management. Scrum Team work in Feature Teams induce jumping around different projects instead focusing on a single product at a time. Lean Startup is rarely practiced; instead people are developing a never ending idea and running like crazy for funding or for a budget.

Dave Snowden’s Cynefin framework gives us keys to unlock the power of Complex Systems. Let’s use them! We are proposing a framework enabling a Safe-to-fail approach for all the stakeholders expecting and creating the value of a digital project in a highly creativity intense manner like a Hackathon / Service Jam for participants from Business, IT, HR, Finance, Marketing and Customers.

Agile Digital Enterprise goes beyond IT and Business collaboration. We include HR and Finance, the heart and soul of the business to resonance the hearts and souls of persons to better serve interacting customers.

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