Agile Digital Enterprise is a coherent* framework for rapid crossover delivery of actionable minimal state-of-the-art solutions.

Communication and time constraints provide constructive co-creation: minimum viable solutions come in one iteration measured in weeks.

Opportunities emerge from self-organizing operations and support caring for customers.

Improvement is measured from one release to the next. Releases are necessarily early, often and involve fast client feedback.

Agile Digital Enterprise creation is microcosmic of state-of-the-art emergent innovation.

Digital is as old as the Internet, but continues to challenge our approach towards change and innovation.Tools and technologies can work well or not. Startups and small structures appear to respond more effectively than better-resourced larger structures.

The Agile Manifesto  changed the rules of the game in software development in 2001. It is possible to do better,  faster by focusing on the relationship between developers and customers.

Agile Digital Enterprise  “exaptates”** methods  like Cynefin, Scrum, Service Design, Lean Startup, Customer & User Experience. Be light, sharp and nimble.

Startups, digital ventures, SMEs and any company developing digital products in a highly competitive market needs to a heart-and-soul shift in function of customer-relationship value.


* coherence: it is the distance between “we know it’s true” and “this is the assumption of a person”

** exaptation: « a shift in the function of a trait during evolution ».


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