Some figures why this matters

Screenshot 2017-03-22 21.49.39The digital takeover presents opportunities and threats for all kind of business.Mobile and social media, big data are now the playing field.

Our Customers want to buy more through digital channels nowadays. We need to use available technology, connected devices and all means at our disposal.

Challenges always emerge and often affect the whole value chain of the enterprise.

Most digital projects are using an iterative approach in their development phases and then snap back to a waterfall manufacturing mindset: 6 month scope management replaced by 6 months customer journey creation and all-or-nothing deliveries.

Agile Digital Enterprise is more highly responsive,  client-driven and state-of-the-art. Digital disrupts the structure of the Enterprise by shifting to a « front-based » responsive organization kept honest by Agile.

More than buzzwords, Agile Digital Enterprise is a behavior shift where Business-To-Customer move to Customer-To-Business relations.



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